Board of Directors and Club Committees

Board of Directors

The Vancouver Curling Club is a not-for-profit society governed by a duly-elected Board of Directors and operated daily by a team of excellent staff.

The volunteer Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis, and the list below is the directors for the 2018-2019 season. If you have any questions for the VCC Board of Directors, please contact the Club President at

Ron McKay, President

Brent Forbes, Past President

Colin Chan, Treasurer

Jim Carpick, Vice President

Mathew Brownell, Secretary

Rick Feeney, Director

Craig Coyne, Director

Doug Macdonald, Director

Brock Endean, Director

Luke Opacic, Director

Heather Hansen, Director

Lindsay Hudyma, Director

Floyd Bardell, Director


Club Committees

The committees of the VCC Board help ensure that, together with the club's dedicated staff, everything gets done to ensure the Club is operationally successful for its members.

Committee meetings take place on a regular basis and, if you are interested in getting involved with one of the VCC's committees, the committees and their chairs are listed below:

Finance  Brent Forbes, David Thill, Doug Macdonald, Colin Chan 
Fundraising & Sponsorship  Brent Forbes, Rick Feeney
Human Resources  David Thill, Ron McKay, Colin Chan, Brent Forbes
Membership and Communications  Ron McKay, Colin Chan, Jim Carpick, Mathew Brownell
Special Events and Volunteers  Kathy McInnes, Craig Coyne, Rick Feeney