Getting Started at the VCC -- Curling Etiquette


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Curling is a social game. The number one rule is to have fun!

  • Shake hands before and after each game.
  • Sweepers should be between the two hog lines when an opponent is delivering a stone and remain still.
  • Only two people should be on the backboards behind the house for any team at any time.
  • Do not rest your hands and knees on the ice.
  • Call your own fouls (i.e. burned stones).
  • If you cannot find a spare and your team must default, it is the skip's responsibility to contact the skip of the opposing team.

Don't delay the game. Teams can complete all 8 ends of play if:

  • All players are on the ice and ready to play at the start time;
  • The next curler to deliver gets in the hack, ready for their shot as soon as the opponent's stone has cleared the near hog line;
  • Skips contemplate their next call while the opponent's stone is in motion; and
  • After an end is completed, the first Lead player prepares to deliver the first stone while the other players clear the stones from the house.