Intermediate Clinic - Sweep & Slide

Saturday, September 25, 2010 - 09:30 - 11:30


The VCC is introducing a new format for its intermediate clinics. Based on membership feedback, the intermediate clinics will now be held regularly throughout the season - once a month from September to March.

As always, fully-certified coaches will be on-hand to lead the instruction and ensure that all participants have an enjoyable time and learning experience as we cover a wide-range of technical and tactical topics to help improve your curling game.

The complete schedule of clinic topics is copied below so be sure to sign up early as space will be limited. Each clinic costs $20, and you can register by emailing the club manager or calling at 604.874.0122 - and be sure to indicate which night you would like to attend.


  • Sept 25 – Sweep and Slide
    The focus be on correcting/improving your technique in the slide delivery. We will also provide instruction on you can become a better brusher.
  • Oct 23 – Team Dynamics
    Focusing largely on communication, this session will help to improve the way your team works “as a team”.
  • Nov 27 – Line of Delivery
    Through the use of lasers, cones, yarn and video, you will learn how to stay on-line for your entire delivery - helping to improve your shotmaking.
  • Dec 11 – Grip and Release
    Often the most overlooked aspect of the delivery, a proper grip and release will greatly improve your game.
  • Jan 22 – Shot Calling
    Not to be confused with strategy (the focus of our session in March), we will teach you how to make those angled shots as well as working on balancing risk/reward, the drag effect and more.
  • March 19 – Strategy
    Learn how strategy and tactics will help to bring about rewarding ends and result in fewer big ends being given up. Note: this will be a mostly off- ice session.