Town Hall Meeting re: New Facility

Saturday, February 26, 2011 - 10:00am - 12:00pm


As we move into 2011, our activities related to transitioning to our new home at the Olympic/Paralympic legacy facility at Hillcrest Park are ramping up quite quickly. Your board of directors, staff and a team of dedicated volunteers have all been working with Vancouver Park Board representatives and external suppliers to make the transition to the new facility as smooth as possible.

We know the membership has a lot of questions about the new facility – what is going on, what does it look like, what are we getting, where are the funds going? While we have held information sessions over the past few seasons (both in-season and during AGMs), we understand that everyone’s interest level is peaked now that we are in the final few months at our current facility. We have tried to address many of the questions you might have through a new facility section on the club’s website, but we realize there may be unanswered questions and there is some misinformation out there about our new facility.

To help answer the unanswered questions and to provide a complete update on the new facility, the club's president, manager, and members of the External Affairs Committee who have been involved in negotiating with the Park Board and planning for the new facility will be present at a Town Hall Meeting on February 26th at 10am in the upper lounge. There will be a short presentation on the status of the facility (including a photo presentation) and there will then be ample opportunities to answer any questions that members may have.

Please join us at the VCC on Saturday, February 26th at 10am in the upper lounge. We want our members to be informed and to be excited about our new home.