Harvest Bonspiel

Friday, October 26, 2018 - 6:30pm - Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 3:30pm

Harvest Bonspiel 2018 Draw

GI taps

Shout out to Granville Island Brewery for supporting curling at VCC's Harvest Bonspiel!

The Finals!!!


The last game of the bonspiel was at 1:00pm. Congratulations to all of the finalists. The winners of each bracket are highlighted in red.

A Thompson  vs Golden Gouls   
B Mills vs Silva
C Dennis vs Tully
D Flying Bison vs Bailey

A winners: Aaron Thompson, Jack Holmes, Stephen Bailey, Gerald Gunn, Brian Enns-Oldham (not shown)

A runners-up: Golden Ghouls (Scott Robertson, Greg Ohashi, Kevin Mitenko, David Thill


B winners: Gordon Clarkson, Toby Mills, Daniel Dabiri

B runners-up: Eric Hagen, Nathan Silva, Scott Wilson, Nic Hoffard


C winners: Brock Tully, Jeff Guignard, Mat Bronwell, Yui Ishida

C runners-up: Kim Dennis, Heather Beatty, Dawn Messana, Jen Guthier, Erin Obsniuk


D winners: Sandy Howey, Mark Bailey, Bev Bailey, Mike Howey, 

D runners-up: Flying Bison (Helmut Hermann, Steven Hermann, Justin Wong, Ben Loosely)


VCC ice tech Cher Choi, who was curling in the bonspiel, won a prize for best individual costume, dressed as a spider encasing its prey.


VCC general manager Ann de la Hey dressed up as a can of beer!

The finals are set and will be at 1:00PM today (Sunday Oct. 29). Here we go.........



Results after Draw 5 on Saturday.....off to the Semi Finals on Sunday morning

The Semis are set for 10:00AM on Sunday morning. Get out for a morning stroll and end up at the club to cheer on your favourites.



Results after Draw 4 on Saturday.

Blocks B and D are set for the semi finals on Sunday morning. Blocks A and C are finishing up qualifying at 8:15 tonight.