Last Rock Ceremony

Saturday, April 30, 2011 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm


To commemorate the closing of our final season at our current facility, the club will be hosting a Last Rock Ceremony. It will be a chance to celebrate the club's history as we prepare to the close the current chapter -- and then get ready to write a new one in the fall of 2011 when we move into our new facility.


Last Rock Raffle

If you would like a chance to the special person who will throw the final rock down the ice in our building's illustrious 62-year history, then you need to be sure to purchase at least one raffle ticket for $10. You are invited to purchase as many raffle tickets as you like to increase your odds, and all funds raised will go to our Capital Development Fund and assist the club in our move to our new facility.

The deadline to purchase Last Rock Raffle Tickets is up to 7pm on April 30th. Three names will be drawn out to be part of the final ceremony. The two runners-up will receive special pieces of memorabilia that have been given to the Club by visiting teams over the years, and the main prize winner will have the chance to push out of the hack with our current facility's final rock.


Cocktail Reception

A special ceremony will be held at 7pm on Saturday, April 30th to celebrate the last rock that will ever be thrown in our current facility. Members past and present are invited to this special Cocktail Reception to be a part of history.

The evening will include a special ceremony to honour our rich tradition as we acknowledge our club's honorary life members and past presidents, celebrate our past provincial champions, and witness the last rock to be delivered in our current ice shed.

Event tickets are $20 for the cocktail reception, which includes tapas and a special celebratory toast.


Ticket Sales

Tickets for both the Last Rock Raffle ($10) and the Last Rock Ceremony ($20) can be purchased in the lounge or the club office.