VCC Championship

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 6:30pm - Sunday, April 14, 2019 - 9:00pm

The 2019 VCC Championship will start on the evening of Wednesday, April 10 and run through to Sunday, April 14.

2019 Rules and Event Details

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of two games in this event with a few teams who may have to play two games in one day. Draw times are scheduled for Wednesday 6:30 pm and 9:00 pm, Thursday 7:00 pm, Friday 6:30 pm and 9:00 pm, Saturday 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm, and Sunday at 6:00 pm.

Every game is eight ends and any ties are determined with a draw-to-the-button (only the throwing team can sweep). Should a tie arise, the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Finals are the only two games to be solved with an extra end, played towards the glass. Keep play moving so we can stay as close to the designated draw times as possible.

The remaining event rules are outlined below:

  • The VCC Membership Services Coordinator will organize this event.
  • The championship will have up to 32 teams, allocated according to the league team allotment for this year's championship. Any unfilled league spots will reduce the number of teams in the championship accordingly.
  • The winner of the VCC Championship will be considered the open champion of the VCC as there will be no gender or age restrictions on participation in the event. 
  • Each league will have the opportunity to nominate at least one team for the VCC Championship. If a league has one or more full draws of eight sheets and part of another draw, it will only be guaranteed a number of entries equal to the number of full draws that the league occupies.
  • Leagues must confirm their team(s) competing in the event by April 1. 
  • The draw will consist of an A and B event single elimination format, with teams placed into the B event if they lose their first game played. 
  • The A event champions receive VCC club champion team jackets, and the A event runners-up, B event winners and B event runners-up receive prizes to be determined by the event organizers. 
  • A curler may only play on one team in the event and must declare before the start of the championship which team he or she will be playing with if successful in qualifying for the championship through more than one league.
  • Teams may employ spares only from the league they are representing and only use curlers who have not already curled in the championship as a regular team member.
  • Spares may play only lead or second. They are not permitted to skip the game and throw first or second rocks.

Scott Robertson team wins 2018 VCC Championship

Scott Robertson team

The Scott Robertson team from the Pacific Rim Curling League has won the 2018 VCC Championship, held April 9-12 with 28 teams from nearly all VCC leagues participating. Robertson's team defeated the Paul Dunkin team from the Super Seniors League in the A event final, needing only seven ends to do so. Left to right are lead Michael Anhorn, second Kevin Mintenko, third Greg Ohashi and skip Scott Robertson.


Dunkin team

Runners up in the A event. Left to right are skip Paul Dunkin, third Don Giles, second Jurgen Wolter and lead Doug Moulton.


Shorty's team

The Shorty Sellars team from the Motors League came from behind to win the B event final over Jerry McKenzie from the Shamrock League. Sellars scored four in the sixth end and stole one in the seventh before running the McKenzie team out of rocks in the eighth end. Left to right are Shorty Sellars, Gerry Chatelaine, Jim Reid, Ken Grahame and Warren Brown.


McKenzie team

Jerry McKenzie is the Motors League rep, but qualified for the VCC Championship through the Shamrock League. He finished second in the B event to the Shorty Sellars team from the Motors League. Left to right are Mike Whitemore, Terry Tetz and Jerry McKenzie.