Life Members

The Vancouver Curling Club is proud of the following members who have given time, effort and personal sacrifice to promote the game of curling. They have been awarded with honourary life memberships.

2017 Jen Lucas
2016 Ron McKay
2014 Kathy McInnes
2012 Scott Allen
2009 Dan Robertson
2008 Colleen McCullough
2007 Phyllis Carpenter
Joy McLellan
2006 Al Moore
2000 Pat McSherry
Croft Bain
Wilf Shaver 
1998 Keith Switzer
Marianne Forrest
Arlene Watson 
1995 Ron Avery
1996 Nick Lutz
1988 Jack Murphy
1984 Buck Glover
Leo Hebert 
1980 Art Hogan
George McCord
Herb Millham
Barry Naimark 
1977 Bill Good Sr.
Les Kitson
J.D. McDougall 
1974 Ted Glover
1971 Sid Standen
1969 Peter McTavish
1959 Harry Jamieson
1958 Matt Sloper
1957 Walter Routliffe
Sam Brennagh 
1956 George Norgan
James Nation
Mel O'Brien
Bill Finlay 
1955 Earl Bennett
Elmer Meredith
Harry Wallace 
1954 Jack Cornett
1952 Dave Garnham
1951 Frank Avery
1949 Rev. Dr. A.M. Sanford