453 City Hall Curling Club

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Welcome back everyone.  The City Hall league begins the 2013-2014 season (its 39th season) on September 20.  We are a fun, social league with a mix of good curlers and neophytes, so if you'd like to join in, please let us know.  You're also welcome to drop in to the lounge almost any Friday evening after work.
Due to regular turnover, we have room for a few new curlers this year.  There is also a special opportunity for a new skip.  If you would like to join the club and participate in our activitees, please contact our President Betty Harris-Peake by email, bettyharrispeake at hotmail.com .  With the expansion to 16 teams, some with extra members, the club has experienced cosiderable growth in the past few years, and is more vibrant and healthy as a result.  There are a number of new curlers already this year, and more to come.  Please welcome everyone who curls. The new curlers and spares will not know a lot of people, so let’s help everyone feel welcome, enjoy themselves, and want to return to curl with us again. Reminder, this is a fun league!
Last Season Results:
We held our wrapup party for the 2012-13 season on April 19.  There was a delicious potluck dinner, with plenty of food for everyone.  All the usual speeches were made, and fond farewells were expressed for the summer.  Trophies were awarded for this year's winners:
Regular season champs - Helmut Hermann team
Playoff champs - Jim Hall rink
Ken Spain award - June Yamamoto

Day of Play: