Clinic Registration

Dates and program for the 2017-18 season are posted here when confirmed and online registration will be available in the weeks leading up to a clinic. For more information, contact Richard Brower at or 604-874-0122, ext. 2.

Basic Skills Clinics

$50 plus GST

A basic skills clinic is an introduction to curling, focusing on delivering a curling rock and sweeping along with basic knowledge about how the game is played. It is ideal for someone who wants to try curling and then decide on learning and playing more.

Upcoming basic skills clinics for the 2017-18 season are listed below. Registration will be available here in the weeks leading up to the clinics. There are currently no more basic skills clinics scheduled for 2017-18. Another clinic may be added though.

Clinics with former national coach Bill Tschirhart

Bill Tschirhart returns to VCC on Saturday, Feb. 10 for separate sessions on the science of brushing and team dynamics. Bill describes his presentations below:

The Science of Brushing - 10 am to 11:30 am

"Learn what the most recent studies on this often neglected aspect of curling indicate to be a more effective brusher. You will be amazed at the most recent findings. It will change the way you brush! The session will start off the ice and will conclude on the ice so you can apply what you will have learned. Be among those in your club who know how to brush much more efficiently!"

Team Dynamics - 1 pm to 2:30 pm

"When a team contacts me for assistance, after a few minutes, as the team describes what it feels is the main area of concern, we talk about some aspect of 'team dynamics.' With the same skill sets, individual and team, by addressing issues on 'the warm side of the glass' your team will function better. The problem is most teams don't know or understand the importance of activities that promote solid team dynamics. This presentation will show you what those activities are so your team can become greater that the sum of its parts."

Click here to register for one of both sessions.


It is possible that a clinic could be cancelled seven days prior to its date due to low registration. A full refund or reschedule will be provided at that time.