Eight-Ender at the VCC

The Vancouver Curling Club is thrilled to announce that an Eight-Ender was accomplished by Team Rose of the B&B League!

Team Rose recently scored an eight-ender in the first end of their game. The team is actually becoming adept at achieving this rare feat as they previously scored an eight-ender approximately 12 years ago at the VCC with the exact same foursome.

Team Rose

Team Rose scored their eight-ender at 8:45pm on December 17, 2010. Playing on sheet 4, the teams' rocks came to rest at the end of the first end as follows:

Team Rose Eight Ender

Congratulations to Team Rose for scoring an Eight Ender, and the club will be sure to pass along your pins, certificates and more that will be arriving soon.

Skip: Rob Rose
Third: Melanie Williams
Second: Bruce Williams
Lead: Loree Young