De Jong team wins BC Mixed at VCC

de Jong team

Left to right: Cameron de Jong (skip), Taylor Reese-Hansen (third), Alex Horvath (second), Mariah Coulombe.

The Cameron de Jong team from Victoria has won the AMJ Campbell BC Mixed Curling Championship, aided by a couple of fortunate breaks in the fifth end. In Sunday afternoon's final against Sarah Daniels from Delta Thistle CC, the two teams were tied 1-1 playing the fifth end with Daniels, the reigning BC junior women's champion, in shape to steal with a guarded rock on the button that was corner frozen on a de Jong rock..

Daniels' last rock guard picked and left a hole for de Jong to try a difficult raise takeout around a guard for three points. He came out wide and ticked two guards in front of the rings with his shooter finally redirected perfectly to make the shot and score an improbable three.

Daniels' came back to narrow the score to 4-3, scoring one in the sixth and stealing one in the seventh, but de Jong's team was able to clear guards in the eighth end to prevent another steal. The game ended when Daniels came up short of the rings, trying to go around a corner guard on the edge of the 12-foot.

de Jong and third Taylor Reese-Hansen are former BC junior champions. de Jong's second, Alex Horvath, is lead on the Tyler Tardi team that won this year's world junior championship. 

Daniel's team of third Brayden Carpenter, second Sarah Loken and lead John Cullen reached the championship final after winning the A event and defeating Kimberley's Tom Buchy in the 1 vs. 2 page playoff game. de Jong qualifed through the C event, then defeated Penticton's Matt Tolley in the 3 vs. 4 game and Buchy in the sem-final to reach the final game.

Click here to watch the championship final on YouTube.

The Vancouver Curling Club acknowledges the generous support of The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board who supported the BC Mixed Curling Championship with a Community Sport Hosting Grant.


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