Fundraising Call to Action

A message from the Club's President...

Dear Members,

Now that the new season is in high gear, the club is stepping up its fundraising efforts to secure corporate and member support to defray the costs of our move and reduce our bank financing requirements. Our current estimate for furniture, fixtures, equipment and moving / installation costs is in the range of $450,000, the largest capital outlay in our almost 100 year history.

There are a number of ways to show support, so please review the options below and help where you can:


1. Do you have a background in professional marketing / fundraising, or do you know someone who does?

If so, you (or someone you know) can assist in determining the value that corporate Naming Rights may secure for our new ice shed and lounge. Please read the RFP posted on our website and consider responding by the deadline of December 13, 2010.


2. Is your company interested in partnering with the VCC?

You can help by approaching your company’s marketing department or owners to investigate if a partnership with our club and the programs we support is consistent with your company’s objectives. The VCC is beginning its search for corporate sponsors for the new facility so we are interested in speaking with any and all companies who want to be partners with the club and help support our diverse membership.

The club is also interested in speaking with businesses who can help support our move to the Olympic Legacy Facility in the summer of 2011. You and/or your business may have skills and services which could be usefully contributed to defray the costs of this move. In addition, your company may have new items that it wishes to donate to help furnish our new digs. Examples are furniture, office equipment, audio/visual equipment, telecommunications set-up, bar glasses, etc.

Please contact our Manager, Chris Daw, to see how you might help and how you and your company will be rewarded.


3. How would you like to make a difference now?

We invite you to “Test Your Draw Weight” through our charitable donation program that we launched at the beginning of the season in partnership with National Sport Trust Fund.

Complete details about our “Test Your Draw Weight” campaign and how to make a donation are available by clicking here. We plan to recognize contributors both throughout the season and at the end of each season.

To give you a target, try to draw deep into the rings:


4. Did you know that the club will soon celebrate its 100th Birthday?

The club is about to celebrate an incredible milestone: our 100th anniversary in 2012.

As part of our 100-year celebrations, artists and designers, both professional and amateur, are invited to create a T-shirt design that will commemorate the VCC’s 100th Anniversary. More details will be available soon on the Club’s website regarding the design competition and submission requirements.

Please remember that our members make our club successful. So any way that you can help make a difference as we get ready to move into our new facility is greatly appreciated.

Good curling,
Jen Lucas
President, VCC