VCC Members Making a Difference

This week marks the start of the 2011 Dominion Curling Club Championship. It is being held this year at the Richmond Curling Club from November 21-26, and a number of VCC members are playing key roles as volunteers at the event.

As we highlighted in the recent edition of the "Totem Tales," the Dominion Curling Club Championship is an annual event for men's and women's curling teams who have won their respective local club championships. It is a nation-wide event, where each province determines a representative to send to the national final, and it begins at the club level. You must be a single-gender team and play together in a club-sanctioned league. Plus, no more than one player can have reached a provincial playdown in the last four years.

The VCC will be hosting our own double knock-out tournament to determine our representatives at the Lower Mainland playdowns. Our tournament will begin in February with the ultimate goal being the national championships in Scarborough, ON in November 2012.

Congratulations, once again, to the VCC members who are making a difference and showcasing fantastic BC hospitality as they help out at the 2011 Dominion Curling Club Championship. Regardless if you are volunteering, be sure to check out the event schedule and head out to Richmond Curling Club to watch some great curling action.