What Does the VCC Mean to You?

As we enter the holiday season, we know that people are inundated every year with requests for donations for many causes. Donations to any cause are a personal and private choice. Some choose to donate because a disease or issue has impacted their life in a meaningful way, some choose because the fundraising request letter, event or story touched them, some choose because it seems like a good idea and the tax break is beneficial. There are many choices and many reasons so why do we ask you to think about the VCC?

Last year, we applied for and were granted the ability to acceptable charitable donations through the National Sport Trust Fund to help fund the transition costs associated with the move. We greatly appreciate the support that we received from some of our members last season since the approximate cost of outfitting our new home was $500,000. Of that, a portion has been and will continue to be paid through Capital Development Fund contributions. Some of those funds come from special events and the sale of equipment, but the balance is from a loan from Vancity. So the Board is continuing to search for new ways to reduce the financial burden on our members with sponsorship, non-curling rentals and grants.

We are asking members again, if they have the ability, to donate to the Club at

Some of our members might not be in a position to contribute beyond the time they generously donate each year. And that is great – without our volunteers, the Club could not offer the programs, special events and leagues that it does.

For those members who are in a position to donate funds, we ask that you think about the VCC. You may wonder why the VCC needs the money since it is not curing any diseases or sending food to victims of a horrible act of nature. This is true. The positive impact the VCC has on our community is maybe not as easily told as that of some other non-profit organization, but it is there.

Come out on a Saturday morning and see the young kids having a good time on the ice. If they’re hooked now on the sport, maybe a few of them will be joining a senior league 50 years from now. The Club is currently looking at a family league that would provide a fun way for parents to spend time with their kids. We have programs for the blind and visually impaired and, this year, we will be offering “give it a go” camps for wheelchair curlers.

Curling is a sport. Ask any front end player who has just dragged each of four rocks an extra six feet – it’s hard work. But most importantly, curling is an inclusive sport for people of all ages and levels of ability. The reasons for curling are many – maybe it is a true passion for the game, maybe it is a good way to keep in touch with friends with busy schedules who you might only see once in awhile if you did not curl, maybe you are new in town and looking for a way to meet people or maybe you just need two hours a week of activity to let your mind rest.

The reasons for curling are as diverse as our VCC leagues. We all like to curl. While right now our Club is booming with its shiny new home and the continuing holdover from the 2010 Winter Games, many clubs across the country are experiencing declines in membership. The VCC wants to continue to offer programs aimed at new curlers, young people, and everybody else to ensure we retain our vibrant membership.

So why do does the VCC need your donation? Because for 100 years the Club has been supported by members through their time, money and participation. The VCC would like to be just as strong over its next 100 years. The sooner we pay down our loan, the easier it is to keep our fees at an accessible level for everybody.

Come out to the VCC Championship and look at our diverse membership interacting and having fun and you will be able to see the positive impact the VCC has.