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How large is the Vancouver Curling Club space in the Olympic legacy facility?
The Vancouver Curling Club will occupy a total of approx 30,000ft² in the Hillcrest Olympic/Paralympic Legacy Facility. This is about double our current space. Overall, the legacy facility has 174,500 ft² of space which includes a full-size gym, arts and crafts rooms, multi-purpose room, aerobics room, games room, and a branch of the Vancouver Public Library. There is a large fitness centre and NHL-sized ice rink. In addition, the building is home to the new Hillcrest Aquatic Centre.

How many ice sheets are in the new Vancouver Curling Club?
Eight (8) full-length sheets (approximately 3.5 feet longer than our existing sheets) with additional area behind each sheet on both ends. The new cement-floor ice shed is approx 17,000ft².

How large are the locker rooms?
There are two locker rooms, one for men and one for women, in the new facility. Each locker room has a change room area, complete with more than 50 lockers, as well as a separate washroom area adjacent to the respective locker room.

Will I have to pay for a locker?
Yes, for seasonal rentals, a locker rental fee will be charged. The Board and staff have been discussing the new locker rental policy with the Club's league reps and will soon announce to rates for the 2011-2012 season.

Will the building be wheelchair accessible?
Both the building and the curling space are completely wheelchair accessible. Members, staff and guests will be able to access all levels of the new facility.

Is there an elevator from the ice level to the upper lounge level?
Yes, there is an elevator between the two levels of the club.

Is drinking water available in the new facility?
There are water fountains in the ice shed. Club members are encouraged to bring water bottles to reduce waste in terms of disposable paper cups.

How many washrooms are there?
There are washrooms for men and women on both levels – the ice (lower lounge) level and the upper lounge level – in the new facility. All washroom areas are completely accessible and feature many more stalls and sinks than our current facility.

Will there be a pro shop?
Yes, there will be a pro shop. The Club will soon begin discussions with third-party vendors to supply the new pro shop that the VCC will manage and operate.

Will the VCC be open year-round?
The cement floor in the ice shed allows the VCC new revenue-generating opportunities in the spring and summer months by renting the facility for events such as trade shows, weddings, and more. However, we also have the opportunity to add ice in the summer months for bonspiels and curling camps. More details will be available on the summer month opportunities after we move into the new facility and regular season operations (our primary business) have been successfully launched.
Please note that VCC will not offer summer sports programming unless it is financially feasible to do so.