FAQ - Leagues

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Will I be able to retain my current spot in my league?
The VCC Board and Management’s goal is to ensure the needs of current leagues are a primary consideration before the VCC considers adding alternate programming or new leagues to its schedule. Beginning in January 2011, the Club held in-depth discussions with each of the current leagues to confirm how each league will operate in the new facility, the number of teams and times-slots they wish to have in the new facility, and consider any other needs or expectations the leagues may have.

Will there be new leagues?
With the increase to eight sheets, there will be more opportunities for new leagues and new members. The Club will also be looking at new and alternate ice programming to try to attract more members to our larger facility. However, as we move over to the new facility, existing leagues will receive first priority for league spaces (as per the VCC Business Plan Principles approved at the 2009 AGM).

Will fees go up for leagues in the new facility?
All of the Club's self-run leagues set their own league fees. The bulk of league fees are for the renting of the ice, and the VCC Board and Management set ice rental fees each year in order to meet the expenses of operating the Club.

Each year, the goal is to keep ice rental fees for leagues competitive and affordable. With the increase to eight sheets, there will be more opportunities for ice rentals to help the bottom line. It is important to note that current VCC leagues are self-managed. We are expecting there to be some increases to our operating costs (and, potentially, league fees) in the new facility; however, it will take a year of operation before we have a complete picture.

What kind of programs will we have in the new facility?
VCC will develop sports programming with the goal of directing 80 per cent of its time and resources towards recreational curling and 20 per cent towards development and high-performance curling. Recreational curling includes: league curling, most club-run bonspiels and public rentals. Development and high performance curling includes clinics, school rentals, all development programming, open ice, any Curl BC sponsored events and high performance bonspiels.

Will there be rentals in the new facility?
Yes. Ice rentals are important part of our revenue generation. It is currently expected that Saturday will remain as the main rental day but alternate programming will be considered.