FAQ - Lounge

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How large is the lounge?
The upper area of the new facility is set-up differently than our current lounge as everything is on one level. With a larger footprint, the new lounge area provides ample viewing for all eight sheets and has a licensed occupancy for 206 people. There is also a flexible meeting room area that can remain open lounge or be closed off to provide a large meeting space for board, committee or other meetings (and the flex room will be available at times for rental). Lastly, there is small, separate lounge area before the main bar area that will provide a quiet refuge for members and guests, alike.

Will there be food service?
Our new lounge space is being equipped as a catering servery. This means that we will have industrial microwaves, toaster ovens and one oven/range for regular food service and back-of-house support for caterers during special events. The menu is expected to be similar to what is currently offered, but we have opportunity for some new and/or expanded options.

What about beverage selection in the lounge?
As for drink options, there will be additional tap choices and the continuing full range of bottled drinks, hard spirits and wine. Of course, there will be the usual selection of non-alcoholic beverages available too.

What type of liquor license will the lounge have?
As a result of more than 85 per cent of people in the VCC’s recent fall 2010 survey supporting a change in the liquor license to be a liquor primary license, the External Affairs Committee is pursuing a change for the new facility. The VCC Board and Management clearly recognize, though, the lounge is intended first for members. Therefore, the Club will ensure that members are considered a priority. For example, during Club special events and bonspiels, the lounge would be closed to the general public.

Who will operate the lounge?
The new lounge space will continue to be operated by the VCC and Club staff. Even though we are moving into a Park Board facility, we have guarantees that all of our staff (be they lounge servers or ice technicians) will continue to be Club employees.

What pricing for food and beverages is expected?
The VCC Board and Management are committed to maintaining the Club’s existing policy of ensuring fair food and beverage pricing. This fair pricing approach is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to a strong sense of community and a welcoming atmosphere.

Will there be televisions in the lounge?
We are planning to install a number of televisions throughout the upper and lower lounges so members can enjoy a variety of televised programs. Our television service will include sport channels.

What type of furniture will be in the lounge?
The upper lounge will feature tables and chairs along with couches in some areas, as well as chairs and small sides tables along the viewing glass. The lower lounge will feature benches (with storage space underneath) and also include couches at the ends of the lounge space.

Are all curling sheets fully visible from the lounge?
Yes, with floor to ceiling windows, all eight ice sheets are fully visible from both the upper and lower lounges.