FAQ - The Move and Key Dates

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When will the move to the new facility happen?
The existing Vancouver Curling Club building will be in curling season operation until April 30, 2011, and then office operations will continue until the summer. The Club will use the late spring and summer months to pack-up shop and complete the move.

When will the new facility open?
The 2011-12 curling season will be played entirely in the new building. The goal is to commence curling in the new facility in September 2011, with league play beginning in either late September or early October 2011.

When can members tour the new facility?
Given that the Club has a very tight timeline to fit out and furnish the new facility after we receive the keys from the park board at the beginning of July, members will not be able to access the new facility until late August or early September. There will be a number of vendors, suppliers and installers working on the new facility over the summer months to ensure that it is ready for play in the fall so the Club needs to ensure that they have unfettered access to work as efficiently as possible.

The intent, though, is to offer a members-only walk-through of the new facility in late August while the ice installation is underway and follow that up with a members-only open house over a few days in early September. Specific dates will be announced in early August.

What is the expected season of play in the new facility?
Based on feedback from the recent fall 2010 survey, the membership was almost split down the middle regarding extending the season beyond mid-April. 49% were definitely or somewhat interested, 44% were definitely or somewhat dis-interested and 7% did not have an opinion. Therefore, the length of the curling season at the new facility is something that will be evaluated further after we move into the new facility and have had a chance for future seasons of play.