Plans & Photos

There are two sections below featuring both floor plans and actual photographs as well as a virtual walk-through tour of our new facility.

New Facility Plans

The links below will allow you to download PDF files that show the plans for the new facility.

Please note that these plans are not final nor are they construction drawings. Generally speaking, they reflect the latest discussions and negotiations that are still underway between the VCC and the Vancouver Park Board; but members should be aware that there will probably be a few minor changes to these plans before we move into the new facility. Meanwhile, the plans that show the Hillcrest Olympic/Paralympic Legacy Facility are from February 2008.

Lastly, any placement of furniture in the plans below is completely for display and scale purposes only. It does not reflect items that have or have not yet been purchased for the new facility.

  • Curling Club - Ice Shed
  • Curling Club - Lower Level     (updated Feb 2011)
  • Curling Club - Upper Lounge     (updated Feb 2011)
  • Hillcrest Olympic/Paralympic Legacy Facility – main level
  • Hillcrest Olympic/Paralympic Legacy Facility – upper level

    New Facility Photos and Video

    A special photo gallery has been created to show the progress of the construction and conversion of the new Vancouver Curling Club. You can find the photos at

    A special virtual walk-through video tour of the club's new facility was presented during the Town Hall Meeting on February 26, 2011. The video is in the midst of being edited to a smaller file size and will be uploaded to the website as soon as it is ready.

    In addition, you can click here to view the photos that the Vancouver Park Board has taken of the entire Hillcrest Olympic/Paralympic Legacy facility during the past few years of construction. Meanwhile, the company responsible for the supplying steel for the facility's trusses & roof - Wesbridge Steelworks - has their own photo gallery that you can visit.