Before you Book your Rental

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Before you proceed with a rental request, please note the Vancouver Curling Club is a specialized environment. As such, participants are expected to act in a responsible way based on the norms of our facility.

The two biggest items for groups booking a curling experience are safety and cleanliness. The VCC will not tolerate any person(s) on the ice who are:

  1. Acting in an unsafe manner; or
  2. Wearing dirty clothing or shoes. 

*Note: removing person(s) from the ice surface for either safety or cleanliness issues will not result in a reimbursement of funds paid.

It is the responsibility of each group leader to ensure all group members are aware of safety and clothing/shoe cleanliness (never been worn outside).  As well, shoes should not have a plastic sole as the plastic will become slippery after a short time on the ice, resulting in an unsafe situation.

Once an online rental application form is received, we will process it and get back to you as quickly as possible with the details (i.e. dates and times) available that fit your needs. We will then email you a rental contract to be completed and returned with a deposit.

*Note: a reservation is considered complete once both the completed contract and deposit payment are received (we will not reserve without these items).

Thank you for your interest in the Vancouver Curling Club for a fun curling experience!