Every year, the Vancouver Curling Club (VCC) recognizes up to two individuals who have contributed to the betterment of the entire Club, for outstanding volunteer efforts throughout the season. Nominations are received as a written submission to the Special Events Committee citing the activities and reasons for the nomination.

The criteria for the selection of VCC Volunteer of the Year includes:

  1. Selected volunteers must be current VCC members.
  2. Nominated volunteers must have provided value and effort beyond minimum requirements.
  3. Service must benefit the Club as a whole, not just a specific league.
  4. Volunteer service may be done outside the VCC (e.g. a VCC delegate to an external curling group).
  5. Board members are not eligible as a function of their board activities.
  6. Committee members who are not current board members are eligible.
  7. The time period for volunteering is from March 1 to February 28 of each year.
  8. There can be two volunteer awards given each year – one male and one female.

*The nomination should be supported by a minimum of two VCC members.

The Special Events Committee will review all written submissions and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors, who have the final approval. The chosen volunteer(s) will be honoured at the AGM, typically held in September. A certificate from Curl BC is presented at that time.

If you know of a member (or members) deserving of VCC Volunteer of the Year, forward their name and a summary of their contributions to president@vancurl.com by early April.